Union of Estonian Dance Artists

The Union of Estonian Dance Artists (UEDA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit artistic association with the aim to unite (freelance) contemporary, modern and jazz dance artists. Today UEDA is a creative union acknowledged by the Estonian Ministry of Culture. UEDA accepts as its member choreographers, dancers and people who are actively engaged with forming and developing the Estonian dance scene in the aforementioned dance styles.

One of the many aims of UEDA is to promote contemporary dance in the Estonian society. This includes not only supporting the contemporary dance artists, but making this genre known and visible. In order to reach wider audiences, UEDA organizes different events and publishes magazines that address the various aspects and issues that are interesting and relevant in the field of contemporary dance.

UEDA encourages people to view more dance performances and write about it. Thus in co-operation with kedja Writing Movement, UEDA has organized and continues to carry through different workshops, seminars and events that would bring critics and contemporary dance together an inspire people to look, talk and write about the different aspects of the art of contemporary dance.

Contact Raido Bergstein (raidobergstein/at/gmail.com), Keiu Virro (keiu.virro/at/gmail.com) or Maike Maiste (maike_maiste/at/hotmail.com) for more info on Writing Movement activities in Estonia.

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