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is a platform for information, analysis and conversation about professional dance events in Latvia and neighboring countries. We are open to all whom have an interest in dance including such topics as:  the history of dance; dance education; dance research; and current trends in dance. We enthusiastically invite comments from all readers about our content and we are completely open to receiving and printing content and questions from readers. All we ask is that you use your real name.

The primary emphasis of DANCE.LV JOURNAL is contemporary dance. In our view contemporary dance is gaining more and more recognition in Latvia, but nevertheless it is still relatively unknown and misunderstood. To us “contemporary” dance is a broad term that includes innovative and inter-disciplinary professional dance works that may not be easily framed by genre.

Our aim is to promote the development, prestige and accessibility of professional dance arts. DANCE.LV JOURNAL will be an easy to use and always available source of information for dancers, students and other dance-related professionals in Latvia and abroad. We also hope to appeal to those who are thinking about dance as a professional career.  While our focus is the professional dance community, the content will also appeal to interested dance audience members.

DANCE.LV JOURNAL will be accessible and exciting for every reader interested in dance. Our mission will be to explode any lingering myths about the elitism and obscurity of contemporary dance. Please, write us in case we forget that!

In the future we hope to publish a small printed version at least once a year.

Contact Inta Balode:  for more info on Writing Movement in Latvia.


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