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We live in the age of the hyperreal. A reality that no longer possess any coherent referent to the external. A world where the real no longer feels real. This is a world built on focus groups, marketing strategies, PR stunts. Where some of our leaders are actual reality TV stars. How can we generate dance criticism for this dis/re/mis/connected world? How can we reimagine the role of the dance critic in the same world?

Launching January 22, 2017, this project represents an experiment into these questions using an uttrly contemporary mode of communication; the Twitter Bot. This bot is a cyborg critic, “a hybrid of machine and organism” (See Donna Harroway, “The Cyborg Manifesto”). Algorithmical stitched together.
Participant notes generated from the roundtable discussion “Intensive listening and deep actions, glocaly” held at the 13th International Nordic Forum for Dance Research Conference, June 15th, 2017 at Gothenburg University are used as inputs for a markov-chain algorithm which uses a temporally consistent random process to generate DADAesque tweets. These algorithmic iterations are much like the dances we engage with – a finite chaos. Through this engagement we may be compelled to ask new and different questions about the status of dance and the dancer. Through the nonsense of this simulacrum we may finally regain some type of access to the utopian imaginings of the future.

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