Writing Movement Network 2.0

Writing Movement 2.0 (WMN 2.0) will in 2017-2018 be co-creating some critical thinking focusing on choreography primarily in the Nordic-Baltic region.


(Photo from Riga, June 2016)

The five initiators of the Writing Movement Network 2015-2016 are in 2017 joined by six more dance writers, thereby widening the diversity of the group. In a series of labs the now eleven involved dance people from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus will exchange views on choreography and dance writing.

discussions will take place

                                  movement will happen

                                                                           texts will be written.

Three focus labs in three different countries deepening the critical conversations on contemporary choreography. The meeting points will be conferences and other gatherings where examples of local/regional/national/international choreography can be experienced.

  • 1. NOFOD (Nordic Forum for Dance Research) conference, Gothenburg, Sweden 14 -17 June 2017: 1,5 days of WMN 2.0 activities followed by participation in the conference. The theme is “Dance and Democracy”. We will have the opportunity to reflect on this intrinsic issue and how it influences our thinking and actions as critics in 2017. We will present a roundtable discussion in the conference. www.nofod.org/conferences/upcoming-conference/
  • 2. The keðja Encounter spring 2018 (place to be decided by the new keðja consortium): Lab on the topic of Audience. The underlying topic of the 2018 keðja Encounter is Audience Development. The theme resonates with various activities the network members are involved in. www.kedja.net
  • In addition to this: NSU Nordic Summer University, circle on Artistic Research, Riga, Latvia, July 2017: Selected WMN 2.0 people will pass on the torch from the Göteborg gathering.

The outcome will be:
– A more reflective, critical and continuous discourse on dance in its various manifestations.
– Empowerment, skills enhancement and visibility of existing dance writers and dance media.
– Published material, online and in print – for the benefit of professionals as well as audiences
– A lasting and strong partnership between dance writers/thinkers/makers as well as between dance organisations in the Nordic-Baltic region and beyond.

The Network:
Artistic­ coordinator: Moa M. Sahlin (SE) www.moakompani.se
Economic wizzard: Sesselja G. Magnusdottir (IS) http://www.akademia.is/en
Vibe facilitator: Kamma Siegumfeldt (DK) https://dk.linkedin.com/in/kammasiegumfeldt
Power inventor: Madli Pesti (EE) https://www.etis.ee/Portal/Persons
Time condenser: Inta Balode (LVA) https://www.kulturkontaktnord.org/sv/members/inta-balode
Movement updater: Ida Møntegaard Fredericia (DK) www.kulturshot.dk
Philosophy promoter: Max Ryynänen (FI) http://maxryynanen.net
Ballet and history provider: Svetlana Ulanovskaya (BLR) http://www.bgam.edu.by/eng/
Performance igniter: Anne-Liis Maripuu (EE) http://kirjadberliinist.blogspot.dk/
Pedagogic coordinator: Benedikte Esperi (SE) https://benedikteesperi.com
Project connector: Vanessa Labanino (SE) http://www.possibilitas.se

WMN 2.0 is supported by:

Nordic Culture Fund
NSU – Nordic Summer University

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