The Writing Movement Network goes to Viljandi

On April 25-29 the third lab of The Writing Movement Network will take place Viljandi, Estonia. The lab will focus this time on the theme of audience and the market. Representatives of five countries (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia) are to partake in the lab – altogether ten participants who will watch the performances of the Dance Week Festival and enter the dialogue with their creators as well as write about dance joining their efforts with Viljandi high school students as well as discuss the presented performances and results of their writing.  This project is developed as a collaboration of Viljandi Culture Academy, Koidu Residence Centre, Viljandi Gymnasium and Dance Week Festival. In 2015 and 2016, DANCE.LV Journal is the acting coordinator for the Baltic Nordic ‘Writing Movement Network’ – a partnership started in 2012 as part of the project  ‘kedja Writing Movement’ when the principal organization was Dance House Norway in Oslo. The network is supported by the Nordic-Baltic mobility program for Culture.

The lab in Viljandi is also a birthday gift to DANCE.LV Journal. The publication was initiated on April 29, the International Day of Dance, and it will celebrate five years since its being in circulation. Besides lab in Viljandi his event is going to be honoured also by Dance artists’ awards ceremony an a master-class of dance criticism in Riga.

DANCE.LV Journal is a platform for analysis, discussions, and information exchange in the field of professional dance, addressing its most current processes, research, history, education, events and tendencies in Latvia as well as in its nearest and more remote surrounding countries. The site was created in 2011 and its fifth anniversary precisely coincides with the Day of Dance this year. DANCE.LV Journal accentuates the contemporary dance now observed to diversify increasingly in Latvia and to step outside its borders, at the same time, retaining an air of sometimes poorly understood and even misunderstood genre of art.  However, the editors of this publication choose to perceive the ‘contemporary’ as a wider concept – as a term to subsume the most current, innovative, ‘frame-refusing’ and inter-disciplinary processes in the professional art of dance in general. DANCE.LV Journal is supported financially by the State Foundation of Cultural Capital.


Organized by: DANCE.LV journal, Contemporary Dance Choreographers Union in Latvia, Dance Week Festival, Viljandi Culture Academy, Viljandi Teatrihoov and Koidu seltsimaja,

Supported by: Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program for Culture, Viljandi Town Government, Letterstedtska Föreninge,  The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film (Teaterförbundet)


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