The Writing Movement Network meets in Iceland

As you already know ke∂ja Writing Movement has found its new incarnation within The Writing Movement Network initiative by Latvian partner DANCE.LV Journal and joins dance writers from Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. From October 3 till 7, 2015 the second lab of the network will take place in Iceland.

The first lab out of four planned found its home in Saldus, a small town in South West part of Latvia, from August 15 till 19, 2015. The focus of the first lab was Dance Writer/Critic. The group of writers and artists from 9 countries listened, moved, danced, shared thoughts, ate and performed together and discussed all the GOOD things: GOOD CRITIC, GOOD ARTIST and GOOD AUDIENCE. Now network moves on to have the second lab in Iceland from October 3 till 7, 2015. The focus of second lab will be relationship between Dance Writer/Critic and Dance Artist. During the stay besides discussing, writing, moving, dancing, thinking and eating the group will also meet with The Icelandic Dance Company.

The participants of the second lab will include five network members: Inta Balode (Latvia), Sesselja Magnusdottir (Iceland), Madli Pesti (Estonia), Moa Mathilda Sahlin (Sweden) and Kamma Siegumfeldt (Denmark). As well as theater and dance critic Anne-Liis Maripuu from Estonia and culture journalist from Latvian National radio Laima Slava who will be reporting about the lab on daily basis.

During the year of the activities of The Writing Movement Network (till June 2016) the network members and other participants of the labs will contribute to the dialogue about contemporary dance issues in the region through their writings and involvement in the activities in each of the locations the labs take place. Next two labs are scheduled for end of April in Viljandi (Estonia) and mid-June in Riga (Latvia).

Organizer: DANCE.LV Journal, Latvia Association of Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers, Sesselja Magnusdottir.

Supported by: The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

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