Writing Movement Lab at Dansbyrån Sweden, October 2013

The lab was a three day event 24-26 October 2013 at Dansbyrån Studio and office, facilitated by Barbara Simonsen, artistic director of Laboratoriet in Århus , Denmark. Eight artist, writers, poets, dancers and choreographers participated in the lab exploring the actions of writing and moving, each person switching between the roles themselves.

We are interested in exploring formats that activate and expand the practice. During 2013 we focused on the intersection point between poetry/text and dance/movement. We believe that everything starts with the artistic practice, its qualities and relevance. Therefor we created a generous experimental lab-situation for that within the frame of the Writing Movement project.

Lab-facilitator: Barbara Simonsen (DK)

Project manager/facilitator at Danbyrån: Moa Matilda Sahlin (SE),

Participating artist: Jenni Sainio (FI), Ann-Christin Kongsness (NO), Marika Hedemyr (SE), Leo Kaiko Gustafsson (SE), Eddie Mio Larsson (SE), Sara Hallström (SE), Paula de Hollanda (SE).

See video

2013-02-25 01.34.00

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