organises a SEMINAR as a part of Kedja Writing Movement: TEXT AND DANCE – case studies in dance writing

The seminar will be held on Saturday 16.11.2013 at Theatre Academy, Helsinki (auditorium 1, Haapaniemenkatu 6).


OPENING WORDS by Veera Lamberg, editor in chief,

10.00-11.00 critic Ott Karulin, Estonia: CRITIC AS A PART OF ARTISTIC PROCESS

11.00-11.30 discussion about Karulin’s presentation

11.30-11.45 pause

11.45-12.45 choreographer Moa Sahlin and poet Sara Hallström, Sweden: WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN THE INTERACTION BETWEEN CHOREOGRAPHY AND POETRY

12.45-13.15 discussion about Sahlin’s and Hallström’s presentation

13.15-14.00 lunch pause

14.00-15.00 choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen, Norway: CO-OPERATION BETWEEN A WRITER AND A CHOREOGRAPHER

15.00-15.30 discussion about Alan’s presentation


The seminar is free of charge and open for everybody. It will be held in English.



Ott Karulin (b.1980) is the head of Estonian Theatre Agency and has written theatre reviews for the last ten years. In spring 2013 he defended his PhD in theatre research at the university of Tartu with a dissertation titled ”Rakvere Theatre in search of Full Games in 1985 to 2009”. Karulin has been working in Estonia in artistic processes with choreographers and directors and in that way challenged the boundaries of how a critic usually works.

Moa Sahlin (b.1974) is a Swedish choreographer and dance pedagog with MA in choreography from Laban, London 2005. She works as artistic director of Dansbyrån Göteborg, an innovative platform for artistic development in dance. Her own work focuses on feministic contemporary dance art where she is interested in art theory, community work and postmodern ideas.

Sara Hallström (b.1979) is Swedish poet and pedagog. She is also studying to become a pre-school  teacher. Since 2004 she has released five different works of poetry of which two are collaborations with other artists, and at one time she also wrote a children´s book. Her poems often deal a lot with the body, sounds, place, feelings, power(s), habits and the voice.

Alan Lucien Øyen (b.1978) is one of Norway’s most known and prized choreographers. Since 2004 he has made many ballet and contemporary dance works for dance companies in Norway and abroad. He is the founder and artistic director of his own company Winter Guests. Alan Lucien Øyen often creates text himself to his choreographic works and many times the performers on stage are themselves writers, choreographers and directors.



Project coordinators

Jenni Sainio, jenni.sainio(at), +358 40 722 1903

Veera Lamberg, veera.lamberg(at), +358 50 544 8104

Writing Movement discussion in Kokkola, Finland. Photo: Roy Pietilä.

Writing Movement discussion in Kokkola, Finland. Photo: Roy Pietilä.

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