Call for articles, deadline 1’st of October

We are now seeking writers in the Baltic and Nordic countries to submit their ideas and proposals for articles and essays on contemporary dance intended for a broad readership across national borders. The challenge is to write with insight to a non-specialized audience, for this we encourage writers with all backgrounds to submit proposals: journalists, authors, critics, artists, novelists, scholars, etc.

Selected writers will be offered a grant for developing the text, with a following opportunity for translation and publishing in journals, newspapers and online magazines in the different partnering countries, as well as on

The proposals should be no more than 250 words (app. ½ A4 page) and applicants should also submit a brief CV with relevant information, not more than 1 page. Proposals and CV’s must be submitted in English and a copy in native tongue may be included, as the later text should be written in ones own language (Nordic or Baltic languages). Include information on suggested length of a final version of the text, and your chosen genre.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 1’st of October. Send proposal and CV to: ine (at)

The final text should be between 5000 (min.) and 10 000 (max.) characters.

The selection of the proposals, thus texts for further development will be made by the Writing Movement partners, as listed below. Emphasis will, in the selection process be put on originality, theme, relevance across national borders, publishing and readership potential, and importantly fresh perspectives on contemporary dance. Completed texts may in agreement between writer and publisher undergo an editorial process before printing/publishing.

**The grants are 500 euro for residents in the Nordic countries, and 250 euro for residents in the Baltic countries, including the publishing rights.

Contact the Writing Movement partner in your country for more information on the call. See the About section in the top menu.

**The difference in the fees is reflective of the difference in living costs in the different parts of the region.

5 Responses to “Call for articles, deadline 1’st of October”

  1. Joachim Rasmussen

    I’m wondering why participants from Baltic countries only recieve half the fee compared to a participant from a Nordic country? I guess there is a good reason for this difference, and I think it might be relevant to emphasize this. If not, I think you may leave your readers with a bad impression of your values.

    • Ine Therese Berg

      Dear Joahchim. Thank you for that question, if you are wondering, so are maybe others. The reason is quite simply that the living costs and wages in the countries are so different. It may look strange, but it would be unfair to have a flat rate for everyone, as the fees are meant to pay for the time put into writing, “replacing” other paid work. I will edit the post so that this is clear, and keep in mind for later.

  2. Alan Mattison

    Even though the Group is dedicated to the written Word, I was wondering if there might be any need for photography ? I specialise in photoart and dance.
    This may be useful in illustrating some of the articles ?


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